We are proud to serve you with comfortable, modern equipment, as well as a award-winning dental team. We are committed to investing  in the best tools in the trade, which allow us to give you comprehensive, thorough dental treatment. Some of these tools are:

Wand Anesthetic System

The Wand is essentially a computer-controlled device for dental injections. It controls the flow rate of the local anaesthetic, ensuring the injection is guaranteed to be slow, steady and comfortable.

Dental On Park | Wand Anesthetic system - Dentist Brisbane

Pain free dentistry using the wand anaesthetic system


The Diagnodent is a small laser which can scan your teeth with its laser light, searching for hidden decay below the tooth surface when its nice and small – before it has the opportunity to destroy more healthy tooth structure (from the inside out. This helps us be conservative in our approach and stops small problems from becoming larger ones. Conservative dentistry is a major goal for modern dentistry.

Dental On Park | Diagnodent Cavity Detector - Dentist Brisbane

Diagnodent Cavity Detector

Digital X-rays

Digital radiography is changing the way dentists view dental X-rays. Digital X-rays mean less exposure to radiation as well as less time spent in the dental office as there is no need to wait for the films to be developed. Like a digital camera the results are instant.

Dental On Park | Digital X-ray - Dentist Brisbane

Digital X-rays

Full Mouth Radiographs ( OPG )

An OPG machine is specifically designed to produce X-rays of the teeth and jaw. The image provides an overview of the state of the dentition as well as information regarding the bones of the jaw, the sinuses in the upper jaw and the joints between the jaw and the skull. The OPG machine can also perform a standard lateral view of the skull.

Dental On Park | OPG Machine - Dentist Brisbane

picture of a Full Mouth Xray machine at dental on park


Intra Oral Imaging

The use of the intra oral camera serves a number of purposes. It helps patients see and understand the carious changes occurring in their teeth as well as their oral hygiene status. It provides a clear large image of the tooth and allows for fast accurate diagnosis.

The images taken with the help of intraoral cameras also serve as dental records which can be used for insurance claim forms as well as help you note the changes in your teeth after the dental procedures have been completed.

Dental On Park | Intra oral camera - Dentist Brisbane

Picture of An Intra Oral camera

ZOOM! Teeth Whitening 

Tooth whitening (or bleaching) is a simple, non-invasive dental treatment.

Modern tooth whitening systems allow people to get amazing results after just one session with your dentist. Our ZOOM! Teeth Whitening light is the same product as used on the Extreme Makeover Show.

Dental On Park | ZOOM! Teeth Whitening Laser Machine - Dentist Brisbane

ZOOM! Teeth Whitening Laser Machine