Tips On Preventing Late Night Dental EmergenciesHave you been forced out of your sleep because you have just felt a sudden discomfort in your tooth?

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We at Dental On Park completely understand that dental emergencies can happen to anyone at any time. As such, we always try to cater to your urgent dental care needs. As your friendly after hoursĀ emergency dentist Brisbane we can provide you with top-notch dental and oral health services from your unexpected dental visits even at short notice.

What do dental care experts say?

Research has shown that bacteria in the mouth increase their population throughout the night. This is because while we sleep, we are not swallowing. As a result, the bacteria cannot be flushed out of the oral cavity.

Consequently, bacteria will attack and break down the food particles that are left in your mouth. This then makes you more prone to dental and oral pain. Hence, it is important to follow these expert-recommended night-time oral hygiene steps.

A late night dental emergency is definitely not a pleasant situation to be in. Experiencing toothache plus not getting enough sleep can be a very stressful circumstance. In order to prevent a late night dental emergency to you or any of your family, here are some tips from your caring dentist in Brisbane.

#1 Brushing

Brushing before you go to bed helps protect teeth from plaque buildup. Dental care experts recommend using a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride-containing toothpaste for utmost care and protection.

#2 Flossing

There can be areas that the bristles of your toothbrush are unable to clean. This is where your dental floss can help. Flossing helps ensure that your teeth are absolutely free from food particles.

By observing these simple steps, you can easily have the deep sleep that you deserve.

What if you do feel that something is wrong with your teeth and gums in the middle of the night?

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