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How To Look After Your Child’s Teeth

How To Look After Your Child’s Teeth


Low dose fluoridated toothpaste should be used (use a pea sizes amount) and parents need to assist their child as most children do not have the dexterity to brush their teeth effectively until the age of 7-8

The brush should be soft and some children brush more effectively with an electric toothbrush as the novelty of an electronic toothbrush may help your child brush more frequently.  Another good idea is to make your child brush for as long as their favorite song, so have it playing in the background!

Young children sometimes won’t co-operate with toothbrushing initially, but it is important to persevere. Some tips that may help you are:

  • For infants and toddlers place your child’s head in your lap or lay them on the bed- be sure you can see into the mouth easily as this will give you good access to brush your child’s teeth
  • For young children let your child pick out a few toothbrushes with their favourite characters and give him/her a choice each time about which toothbrush they would like to use today- this will give your child a feeling of control over the situation.  Try inexpensive  battery operated toothbrushes to add fun to the task and get them used to having something loud in their mouth – this will make their trips to the dentist much easier also
  • Let them brush his or her own teeth – you are only ‘helping out’
  • Use child friendly flossing aides like the flossettes
  • Use a stepstool and mirror so that your child can be proud of his/her results
  • Have everyone brush their teeth at the same time- show your child that you brush too!
  • Continue to encourage brushing habits even if your child is resistant
  • Create a routine that you stick to every day.
  • Disclosing tablets are very good way to see if you have been removing the plaque effectively
Child Brushing teeth
Teeth Brushing


  • Commence flossing as soon as all baby teeth are present


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Dr Tina Tavakol

Dental On Park is headed by Dr. Tina Tavakol- BDSc. (Dentist) (Qld.) She is a member of the Australian Dental Association, is a Certified Invisalign Practitioner, Certified Inman Aligner Practitioner and Certified MDI Mini- Implant Practitioner. She is also a visiting dentist at St. Andrews Hospital in Spring Hill. Dr. Tvavakol prides herself for providing thorough comprehensive dentistry that pays attention to detail. Thoroughness - she insists - helps patients maintain their teeth for a lifetime at minimal cost.'


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