If you are a health fund member, then you should use your dental checkups before 2014 ends. Since year-end is fast approaching, there is no time to waste if you are already overdue for a dental clean and examination.

Many dental insurance funds offer no-gap cleaning once or twice a year. However, your benefits do not roll over into the next year. That is why your benefits are useless if you will not utilise them wisely.

How to Maximise your Dental Insurance before Year-end

Here are the top four reasons why getting the most out of your dental health benefits is as valuable as giving your oral health the greatest worth.

  1. Yearly Maximum

The yearly maximum will serve as the most money that your dental insurance plan will compensate for your dental costs throughout one full year. Also, this amount varies per insurance company and the average cost would run about $1,000 every year per person.

  1. Premiums

Once you are paying your dental insurance premiums monthly, then there is a need to use its benefits. You may not require a dental treatment for a moment but to engage in regular dental cleanings will surely help you prevent and monitor any early indications of various oral health problems.

  1. Fee Increases

Strike while the iron is hot. While it is still December, use your dental insurance sensibly since a new year indicates higher rates for some dentists due to increased cost of living, tools and equipment.

  1. Dental Problems

Delaying your dental medication may only open doors for extensive and costly treatment along the way. That is why while time is running towards 2015, call your dentists and make an appointment to apply those benefits.

Take Advantage on your Dental Insurance in Brisbane

Amidst the extreme busyness in celebrating the holiday season, it is also important that you must pay attention to your oral wellbeing. Here at Dental On Park, you can be sure that we can work on your schedule throughout the month of December so you can get the most out of your dental insurance. Through our first-rate dental and oral care, experiencing healthy, beautiful smiles at the end of the year and onwards is never impossible.

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