Everybody wants a sparkling smile. Adult teeth can become increasingly darker and yellow as we age. Teeth Whitening is a method to reverse this trend.


There Are 2 Types of Teeth Stains

Generally, there are two types of dental staining.

  1. Intrinsic tooth staining – which refers to the dental staining that take place inside the tooth.

The most causes of intrinsic tooth discoloration includes dental pulp damage, exposure to excessive fluoride and tetracylene during tooth development, antibiotic consumption, root canal issues and tooth decay – among others.

  1. Extrinsic tooth staining – refers to the results from repeated exposure to dark colored substances that stain and penetrate through the natural cracks of the tooth enamel from the outside.

Among the most common culprits include coffee, wine, and tea.



Just as there are many causes of dental discoloration, there are more than a few ways to restore the natural white of your smile. Teeth whitening treatment, over the years, arguably has become one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures.

While teeth whitening treatment comes in all shapes and sizes (we can whiten from the inside out and from the outside in), as well as from procedures carried out in beauty salons and day spas, to over-the-counter-do-it-yourself whitening kits. However in-house-teeth whitening – one that is overseen by your dentist- still proves to be the safest and most efficient course of treatment.

Much like do-it-yourself whitening kits, salon-and-spa whitening procedures are typically carried out without prior, and necessary, dental examination. Dental examination is essential to;

  • ensure you are a good candidate,
  • see if the type of staining you have cannot be removed by a simple professional clean
  • and to make sure that teeth are healthy so as to prevent damage that can otherwise occurs throughout the whitening procedure.

Furthermore, most over the counter teeth whitening treatments can only do so much in treating deep dental stains and chronic discoloration because of their relatively weak formulation.

In truth, only dental experts are given access to professional grade teeth whitening systems, like ZOOM or 35% whitening hydrogen peroxide, which leaves your teeth with immediate, genuine whitening.

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