Dental And Oral Health Of Australian Kids Today

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Tooth decay is still a highly prevalent health concern in Australia, especially for kids. A recent report has found that the dental and oral health of our kids is not actually improving.

Despite the apparent efforts to boost children’s dental health, tooth decay as well as other oral health risks continue to afflict the general population. This has become a cause for concern to dental care professionals and parents alike.

By making sure that your kids observe proper oral hygiene, you are helping protect and preserve their teeth and gums. They become less prone to all those dental health problems and keep their beautiful and healthy smiles as they grow up!

Here at Dental On Park our gentle and caring Brisbane dentist is dedicated to helping you and your children attain and maintain optimal dental and oral health.

We can provide you with a wide range of dental treatments that aim to prevent the onset of tooth decay. As a gentle dentist in Brisbane we love working with kids!

We provide you and your kids with access to the best of modern dentistry, we bulk bill for those who are eligible for the Child Dental Benefits Schedule. Call us at Dental On Park today on (07) 3369 8300 or book an appointment online to claim your FREE Dental Consultation.

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Dental And Oral Health Of Australian Kids Today

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