Dentist in Milton: Homespun Remedies For Dental Pain Toothache can be a strong type of pain that can affect people of all ages. The most common factors that cause toothache include dental caries, dental tooth cracks, gum infections, exposed tooth roots caused by receding gums or excessive hard brushing, jaw joint disorder, teeth grinding and more.

There is no better way to treat, and quite possibly prevent, dental pain than to visit your local dentist on a regular basis. However on the occasion that existing circumstances are preventing you from immediately seeking professional dental help, here are a few homespun remedies that could help you manage your pain.

This of course goes hand in hand with pain killers such as panadol and nurofen. – which are proven and effective – but the below list can help as an adjunct if desired. Furthermore, if the toothache is caused by an infection – you really would need a course of antibiotics prescribed by your local dentist to alleviate the pain and the below list would then prove ineffective.

The below list will – at times- just HELP provide possible TEMPORARY relief of the pain until you can consult with your local dentist for a more permanent solution.


Often referred to as the elixir of the world because of its many medicinal benefits, garlic works wonders in relieving dental pain when mixed with salt. To prepare, simply crush a clove of garlic and add a dash of rock salt. Garlic, when crushed, unleashes a potent antibiotic agent which alleviates dental soreness. You can also buy oils of cloves from the pharmacy for this as well, as it’s much easier to place the oil of cloves and eliminates the risk of the crushed garlic irritating or burning your gums ( which it would do if you seat it next to your gums for a prolonged period of time)


The potent antibacterial properties of onion play a central part in alleviating dental pains. When experiencing bouts of dental discomfort, you can simply chew a portion of an onion for at least 3 minutes to neutralize toothache-causing germs in your mouth. Alternatively, you can place a small-sized onion on the affected tooth – but make sure you don’t sit it next to your gums for too long as this could cause irritation or burning of you gums.

Lime Juice

Lime naturally contains strong citrus acid that neutralises a good number of germs. To use, simply crush a globe of lime into a cup. Once you have collected enough lime juice, you can use a dropper to administer the a few drops of lime juice on the affected teeth. Again this is only to be done for a toothache and not for sensitive teeth as this would make sensitive teeth even more sensitive.

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