1. Brush your teeth at least twice daily

2. Floss to remove plaque in between teeth

3. Limit sweets to avoid tooth decay

4. Quit smoking and drinking to avoid yellowing of teeth

5. Use mouthwash to keep gums healthy

Aside from these helpful tips, there a lot of other things you should know about taking good care of your dental health.

Let’s start with your daily diet. The foods you put in your mouth play a vital role in your dental health. Make sure that you eat plenty of crisp fruits and vegetables like cucumbers, carrots and apples (known to be nature’s toothbrush). Eating these foods will help you remove the loose food particles between your teeth.

Strong acids from the food we eat make the tooth’s enamel weak and prone to damage. To neutralise the acid in your mouth, grab some cheese after a meal. It also promotes saliva production, which is helpful in washing away acids produced by plaque.

Minimise drinking coffee and wine. If that’s something hard to do, then just make sure that you wash your mouth with water to reduce your chance of teeth discolouration. Toothbrushes with hard bristles can hurt your gums so try to wash it with warm water before using. Your sensitive teeth will find comfort in that.

Avoid liquors and smoking. They are bad both for your body and oral health. It will stain your teeth and you’ll get bad breath. Always include your tongue whenever you brush your teeth.

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