Dentist Milton: 3 Unlikely Food Items That Are Detrimental To Your Oral Health

When your local dentist tells you to observe good oral health practices to protect your teeth, chances are your dentist is actually talking about protecting your teeth enamel.

Teeth or tooth enamel is the hard outer covering that protects the inner parts of your tooth which are much more vulnerable to dental diseases.

While the tooth enamel is easily the hardest tissue in the body, it is still vulnerable to damage and subsequent decay. Apart from maintaining good dental habits, your diet plays a large role in your oral health status.

Food Items You Should Be On The Lookout For

Generally, there are two dietary elements that tarnish your teeth – sugar and acid. Sugar feeds bacteria populations in your mouth. Once fed, bacteria naturally produce lactic acid. It isn’t sugar that is the main culprit of tooth decay but rather acid.

Read on as your Dentist Milton shares with you unlikely 3 food items that are detrimental to your oral health.

Pickled Vegetables

Mainly flavoured and prepared with vinegar, pickled vegetables are naturally too acidic for dental comfort. While vegetables are generally healthy sources of nourishment, it is the acidic and quite sugary brine that poses the real danger to your pearly whites. If, however, you simply can’t stop munching on these pickled delights, then you might as well minimise the risk of enamel damage by immediately rinsing your mouth with water, and brushing your teeth an hour later.

Pasta Sauce

Tooth enamel is especially vulnerable to sappy liquids with dark colors. This is because porous enamel is easily absorbent of dark coloring, thus leading to unsightly dental stains. The good news is that there is little no reason for you to lay off of your favorite pasta sauce. Instead, you can keep your teeth stain free by drinking plenty of water while enjoying your meal. Swishing with water after eating also helps a lot.

White Wine

While deep red whine can cause dental discoloration, white wine can even cause more damage to your pearly whites. The acidity of white wine negatively impacts dental enamel by making the teeth more susceptible to staining.

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