Our dental examinations involve a comprehensive analysis of your jaw joints, a routine oral cancer check, a gum health examination as well as a tooth examination. We enquire about headaches ( which can be a sign of teeth clenching) and snoring ( which can be a sign of sleep apnea ). We review your salivary flow ( as a low salivary flow can lead to an increased risk of cavities and can also increase the incidence of bad breath ). We not only care about your teeth, we care about your oral and overall health!

We have both in house direct debit payment plans available for 6 months as well as extended Gem Visa payment plans which are available for up to 24 month interest free.

Our payment plans can be used by the whole family for ongoing treatment without having to re-apply. Receive the treatment you need, when you need it – with convenient weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments.

Yes. We have free parking available inout carpark (entrance via Railway Tce.) Entry to the surgery is from Park Road, between the optometrist and restaurant.

First of all we have great patient manner! However if this is not enough for you, we also have Happy Gas available for those who wish. Happy Gas allows you to relax and lose the anxiety you feel – while staying awake. Finally we also offer treatment under General Anaesthetic for those who wish.

Dental X-rays are necessary to help diagnose cavities forming between the teeth, underneath old fillings and under your gum line. These are areas that can be missed with the naked eye and thus dental X-rays are a necessity if you want a thorough assessment of your dental health. Dental x-rays ensure that small problems remain small.

Children generally require a little extra TLC – at Dental on Park we take pride and pleasure in providing just that! If it’s your child’s first time at the dentist, or if your child is fearful, we are happy for you to arrange a time to bring them by our office to meet the team before their scheduled appointment – this often helps calm their nerves. We are great with kids and know how to treat them to make the appointment calm and pain free.


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