How Does Today's Oral Health Compare To The Stone Age?Have you ever wondered how your teeth compare to those of ancient humans?

Despite the advent of modern approaches in keeping your teeth and gums absolutely clean and healthy, dental and oral health problems continue to be highly prevalent.

A recent survey shows that up to 3 out of 4 adults actually wish that they paid closer attention to their dental and oral health. In addition, only 11 per cent of the entire population can say that their oral health is excellent.

Dental Health Through The Ages

A team of international researchers initiated a study in order to compare the dental and oral health of people today and people from the ancient past.

To do this, they obtained genetic materials from the tartar found on ancient human skeletons. According to the lead author, examining the genetic material of plaque allows them to create a precise record of factors that lead to notable differences in dental and oral health.

The results of the analysis indicated that oral bacteria in the Stone Age samples were more diverse. Researchers stated that oral bacteria present today are very different from those during earlier times. Unfortunately, the bacterial population in plaque today are actually in their permanent disease state. Consequently, people today have become more prone to dental and oral health problems. Experts say that this can be attributed to the change in the diet of humans, especially after processed flour and sugar were introduced during the Industrial Revolution.

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