How Effective Communication By Dentists Leads To Oral HealthA team of health researchers from the University of Florida have found that difficulty in understanding and using key information about dental health is a reason why people avoid the dentist.

Why Is Better Communication Important?

Understanding Dental and Oral Health is important in gauging your capacity to take proper care of your teeth and gums.

The study found that the disparity between common knowledge and the knowledge of dentists is a major communication barrier in the context of dentist-patient relationships.


When your dentists fail to convey their knowledge in ways that can be easily digested, a barrier is formed between the dentist and the patient. Consequently, patients are less likely to visit the dental clinic regularly, or carry out the treatment they need. This then leads to a lack of preventative intervention and eventually, poor dental and oral health.

Comprehensive discussion on dental and oral health problems between the dentist and the patient are a necessary first step in fixing this communication barrier.


It helps foster a partnership that will break the cycle of lack of understanding leading to poor dental and oral health.

That’s why at Dental On Park, we take the time to explain things thoroughly – to help you understand your oral health needs and provide you with proper guidance when it comes to caring for your teeth and gums.

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