Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular dental treatments in Australia. If done correctly under the supervision of a qualified dental care expert, it can brighten your teeth and give you your most radiant smile.


However, there can be instances in which bleaching your teeth can eventually become a threat to your dental and oral health. Your trusted Brisbane dentist explains faulty perceptions on teeth whitening, risks involved, and how to avoid experiencing smile disasters.


The Perils Of Whitening Your Teeth Too Often

Many people who are using teeth whitening kits at home might think that using the system more frequently can yield quicker and better results. However, when you whiten more often than your Brisbane dentist recommends, you might experience negative side-effects, some of which may be permanent. Prolonged exposure to a professional-grade teeth whitening formula can cause hypersensitivity of teeth, teeth discolouration, weakening of composite resin tooth fillings, and damage to soft tissues of the mouth, as well as the tooth’s enamel.


Ensuring The Safety Of Whitening Your Teeth

Safe and effective teeth whitening starts from visiting your dentist – or better yet – us! 🙂 We can be your trusted Brisbane dentist at Dental On Park.


Before the treatment begins, we will have a close look at the current condition of your teeth and gums. This helps us identify issues like gum recession, enamel erosion, and tooth sensitivity that may affect the teeth whitening process. This is necessary to ensure that teeth whitening is absolutely safe for you.


In addition, if you opt to proceed with our Take Home Teeth Whitening System, we are going to provide you with the exact instructions that you must follow so as to avoid complications from arising. As your dentist in Brisbane, we are going to guide you in every step towards achieving the results that you want. As such, this also means that we will remind you that overuse of the teeth whitening system will put you and your smile at risk.


Safe And Effective Teeth Whitening In Brisbane

Your smile is one of the most important assets you have. Keep it bright and white safely through top-notch Teeth Whitening in Brisbane here at Dental On Park. Your expert teeth whitening dentist in Brisbane specialises in giving your smile an instant upgrade. We aim to provide you with results that go beyond mere satisfaction. Here at Dental On Park, we create smiles.


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