Children And Their Dental Phobia


Dental clinics may be unfamiliar for children and anxiety and fear can, at times, be their natural response. As parents, your role is to understand your child’s fear and help them overcome it, to ensure good dental health.

A frightened child can be stubborn when it comes to co-operating during the thorough examination. Explaining some aspects about the dental visit  before the appointment can help your child’s comfort throughout the appointment. Take time to discuss ‘the dental visit’ with your child and offer them your love and support to make the situation easier – however don’t be too detailed in your description of what exactly happens.


Here are some tips to put your child at ease during dental visits:

  • Help them become accustomed and familiar to the dental surgery. For children, unfamiliar places, people and noise can be scary.  You can avoid this problem by taking them to the dentist starting at an early age. According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, your child’s first dental visit can be as early as their first birthday. From then on, you can schedule regular dental visits for quick examinations. Being accustomed to the surroundings of the clinic will help your children become comfortable about dental checkups.
  • Be confident and use positive scripting. Words like “pain” and “shot” should be avoided as they may convey a negative message to your children (though you’re meaning otherwise). Be confidant in your tone when you answer their questions so that your child can paint a positive picture in their mind.
  • Do not relate to their fear. As parents, children look up to you. If you are dentally phobic, never share your fearful thoughts with your children. Negative thoughts about dentists and dental procedures can rub off on your child.
  • Bribery is not a good idea. Promising special treats to your children if they make it through their dental visit will only build up pressure within them. Though they might appear excited and happy about the treat awaiting them, this promise of a treat will make them more anxious once they are in the chair as it sends a negative message to them, telling them that the visit will be ‘hard’. It’s better to discuss the reason why there is a need to visit their dentist regularly. Good dental health is their ‘reward’ for being obedient throughout the dental visit
  • Don’t be too detailed in your answers. It’s normal for children to ask questions regarding their first visit. When you answer, don’t be too detailed so as to avoid raising further question from your child as this would only add unnecessary anxiety. However – see to it that you DO set up proper expectations to your child so that he/she won’t lose trust in you or the dentist.


Delicate and Friendly Milton Dentist

Choice of dentist is very important when it comes to handling dental procedures for your child. Your child’s dentist should be someone who takes steps to ease any fears. Your child’s visit to the dentist should be positive so that he or she will not develop a long term fear of dental health care providers.

For a thorough, fun dental experience, bring your child to Dental on Park. Our dental team is friendly and our hands delicate. Your Milton dentist at Dental on Park is more than capable of handling your child in a reassuring way. We design dental solutions suitable for your child to make the experience fun rather than scary and alarming and can use happy gas or even General Anesthetics if needs be. Book your appointment today. Call us on (07) 3369 8300 or email us at

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