Milton Dentist Cinnamon, Coriander, And Other Breath Fresheners In Your Cupboard

As it turns out, you don’t have to keep swishing bottlefuls of chemical-loaded mouthwash or chomp on sugary strips of gum to keep your breath fresh all throughout the day.

Sure, there are a number of breath freshening products available in the market.

But if you are one of those people who are not keen on using artificial products to pep up their breaths, here are a few home-style breath fresheners you can readily find in your cupboard.


Cinnamon is among the handful of aromatic spices known for their antibacterial properties that actively counteract bad breath. To use, you can either chomp on a cinnamon stick or add bits of cinnamon to your tea. Alternatively, you can boil a handful of cinnamon sticks, let it cool, and then use it as mouthwash.


Coriander is especially effective in masking strong odors such as the smell of onion and garlic. Coriander is best used after indulging in especially pungent meals. To use, simply chew on raw coriander leaves after having your meal. Alternatively, you can add a dash of salt to roasted coriander seeds and eat it as breath fresheners.


The sweet and aromatic flavor of cardamom seeds can be used to freshen your breath. To use, simply pop one into your mouth and chew for a couple of minutes. Sipping on cardamom tea after your meal works just as well.

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