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Metal Dentures


The use of metal dentures providea a number of benefits to the lives of denture wearers who have experienced a lack of confidence due to an unattractive smile or previously loose plastic denture.

The fixtures are manufactured with a medical-grade alloy, which is hypoallergenic to ensure wearers do not suffer from an allergic reaction as a result of the material.

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Metal Dentures

A primary benefit of wearing metal dentures is that they are custom-made to ensure it is compatible with the tissue of the mouth in a bid to completely remove the risk of allergic reactions or gum irritations. Metal dentures are usually smaller than plastic dentures and do not fully cover the roof of the mouth as plastic dentures do. As a result of the roof of the mouth being left uncovered, this improves the taste sensation for the denture wearer, so the patient can taste foods better than if the roof of the mouth was fully covered. In addition, the durable nature of the metal appliances means that they are less likely to break or bend out of shape than a number of their more fragile plastic denture alternatives. The fact that they are flexible may prove to be beneficial as a result of the changing shape of the mouth.

The snug fit of the appliance when it is placed into the mouth means it is very comfortable to wear, which could bring relief for people who have been worried about the feeling of an alien object in their mouth for a long period.

Metal dentures provide long-lasting, comfortable, tight dentures and are worthwhile for people looking to improve their chewing capacity and quality of life.


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