The Different Way To Conquer Dental Fear And Anxiety !Dental phobia is a huge problem here in Australia.

Up to 20 per cent of Australian adults get anxious about the thought of going to the dentist. Instead of getting the dental care they need, they delay or even cancel their visit to the dentist all together.

This leads to dental and oral health problems.

There are a number of ways to conquer your dental fear and anxiety.

Studies On Coping With Dental Fear

A team of Swedish researchers explored the different factors in managing stress during dental visits. They asked patients to complete a questionnaire designed to explore the strategies commonly used to overcome dental visits.

The results revealed that the following are the principal approaches used by patients:

  • Self-efficacy; Patients encourage themselves by telling themselves that they can endure the situation.
    (Telling yourself that you are strong enough to go through this.)
  • Self-distraction; Patients keep their mind off the ongoing dental procedure by doing other things.
    (Counting, singing, or playing games mentally.)
  • Distancing; Patients simply think about the discomfort as something more positive.
  • (Regarding pain as a simple numbness.)
  • Prayer
  • Optimism; Instead of thinking about fear and anxiety, patients focus on the benefits of the treatment.

Among the above coping mechanisms, it was found that patients who maintained an optimistic mindset visited the dentist more often.

In another study, patients suffering from dental fear and anxiety were interviewed.

Respondents shared that humour between the dentist and them is one of the most important factors in overcoming dental phobia. According to the researchers, humour can break down certain psychological barriers allowing patient and dentist to work together as equals, reducing tension and creating a calm and pleasant atmosphere.

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