Why Lack Of Budget Doesn't Need To Lead To Poor Oral HealthIn a report published by the Australian Institute of Health and Wellness, it was reported that socioeconomic factors play a big role in determining dental and oral health. It was found that 20% of people were likely to rate their oral health as poor.

According to the research unit of the institute, poor self-reported dental and oral health is closely associated with not having dental health insurance.

It was reported that many of the 20% of people who reported poor oral health would have difficulty paying a $150 dental bill, which is about the cost of a thorough examination and a professional clean.These 20% of people perceived investing in dental and oral health a financial burden.

Sadly, this paradigm will worsen the oral health situation in Australia.

Helping You Cope With Dental Expenses

In order to fight this trend, we at Dental On Park provide a range of dental payment plans to help make the expense manageable. Cost should not prevent you from getting the dental care you need.

At Dental On Park we offer extended dental payment plans for up to 24 months which can be used by the entire family.

With these budget-friendly payment plans, you and your family can receive the treatment you need when you need it – without feeling the cost as an additional burden.

Your Trusted Dental Payment Plans Dentist In Brisbane

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