Recaldent Chewing Gum


Recaldent Chewing gum- contains a product called casein that is great for your teeth. 

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Recaldent Product Description

Recaldent Chewing gum– contains a product called casein that is great for your teeth.

Available only in the Clear White Mint.

Recaldent® Gum is a very special chewing gum that helps overcome the acid attacks from food, bacteria, plaque and mouth acids, which cause tooth decay. Recaldent® gum tastes great and actually strengthens your teeth.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Contains CPP-ACP a revolutionary new ingredient that helps to repair and rebuild tooth enamel, by replacing the calcium.
  • CPP-ACP was developed by The School of Dental Science at The University of Melbourne.
  • Sugar free ingredients help reduce decay causing bacteria and the build up of plaque.
  • Your increased saliva flow will help neutralise harmful mouth acids.

Recaldent® CPP-ACP is derived from milk casein and is lactose free.

It should not be used on patients with milk protein allergies. CPP-ACP & CPP-ACFP technologies have related patents or patents pending in Australia, NZ, Europe, Canada and USA.

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