Take Home Teeth Whitening Voucher


Professional Take Home Teeth Whitening Kit Voucher

Proven and effective. Once purchased call 0733698300 to book your appointment today!



Take Home Teeth Whitening Voucher.

This Take Home Teeth Whitening Kit includes 4 tubes of professional strength teeth whitening gel, custom made top and bottom mouth trays that fit your teeth, and a tube of  tooth mousse to help strengthen the teeth and fight tooth sensitivity. For best results use the teeth whitening kit for 4-6 weeks and then for ongoing maintenance every few months. If you need more tubes of whitening gel for maintain ace then individual whitening gel tubes can be bought from us to do so.

Once voucher has been purchased call 33698300 to book you appointment to have your customised whitening trays fitted. 2 appointments will be necessary. the first to tae moulds of your teeth and the second to check the fit and give you your teeth whitening kit.

Proven and effective.

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