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What’s involved in our Dental Exam?

Our dental exams give us the opportunity to evaluate the short and long term condition of your mouth and help us maintain your oral and overall health.

Please allow 50 minutes for your initial full thorough dental examination together with radiographs. If you’ve had radiographs taken recently, please contact reception before your appointment so we can organise the transfer of your radiographs from your previous dentist ahead of your appointment. You will need to fill out a form for this transfer to occur and these forms can be emailed to you ahead of the appointment time.

If you wear a splint or any type of guard for grinding your teeth or for orthodontic purposes – please bring these with you to your appointment. You will need to fill out a medical history form before the appointment, so consider coming in 5-10 minutes early to allow you to fill out the form.

Full Thorough Dental Exams are Vital for Oral Health and Involve:

Analysis Of The Jaw Joint

This includes but is not limited to; muscle palpation for muscular tension, regular headache evaluation, screening for jaw clicks and locks.

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Oral Cancer Screening

This includes checking the soft and hard tissues of the oral cavity including salivary glands, hard and soft palate, tongue etc. 

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Gum Health Check

We check the health of your gums and gum pockets to ensure you don’t have gum disease. Gum disease is one of the leading causes of tooth loss.

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Oral Hygiene Plan

If required, we come up with a personal Oral Hygiene Plan for you and will recommend the right tools to use, to help you fight gum disease and tooth decay in the long term.

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Teeth Examination

We check your teeth for cavities, weak spots, hairline cracks and infections. We utilize radiographs, lasers and an intra oral camera to help us diagnose and record your dental and oral health.

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Screening for Snoring and Sleep Apnoea

We review your snoring to see if it is sleep apnoea related and treat you for it if desired and requested.

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Salivary Flow Examination

Saliva is your number one defence against decay and bad breath. If your salivary function is decreased we review what could be causing it. 

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Tooth Colour and Shape Evaluation

We review your tooth colour to see if it’s in the normal range and advise what can be done to brighten your smile – including a clean, whitening/ bonding and veneers. 


We take x-rays required in house and review your teeth for cavities and infections, your jaw bone for bone loss that could be associated to gum disease, as well as evaluate your jaw joint for TMJ.


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