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Wisdom Teeth Removal

What are Wisdom Teeth?

These are the rear molars which are the last set of teeth to erupt. Usually, they come about between 17 to 25 years of age. There can be up to four wisdom teeth: one pair in the upper jaw and another in the lower jaw. However, it is possible to have fewer than four or even none at all.

Is Wisdom Tooth Removal Necessary?

Not all the time. Your wisdom teeth may not need to be extracted if there is sufficient space to accommodate them. However if there isn’t enough space, misaligned and impacted wisdom teeth can cause a number of dental and oral health concerns. That’s why in these situations it’s necessary to undergo Wisdom Teeth Removal sooner rather than later to avert the serious consequences of misaligned and impacted wisdom teeth.

Possible consequences of not removing some wisdom teeth are:

    • tooth decay of both the wisdom tooth as well as the adjacent tooth.
    • crowding of other teeth,
    • gum infections,
    • jaw problems, and
    • a great deal of discomfort

Some Signs That Tell You That You May Need To Undergo Wisdom Teeth Removal:

    • inflammation on your gums along the wisdom tooth area,
    • pain and swelling,
    • presence of pus from the gum line,
    • stiffness of your jaw,
    • soreness in the Lymph glands under the jaw,
    • fever and other general malaise, as well as
    • ear ache

Initial Assessment

We are able to take X-rays of your wisdom teeth in-house and on the spot, so that we can diagnose and address your wisdom teeth immediately.

Dental Sedation And Wisdom Teeth Removal

We are able to extract your wisdom teeth under Local Anaesthetic, relative analgesia with Happy Gas, or under General Anaesthetic – whichever option best suits you!

Post Treatment Care

You will be placed on pain killers to take as necessary but expect some pain for 3 weeks. This pain is mostly well controlled with pain killers. Sometimes we will prescribe you with antibiotics as well depending on the level if difficulty of the extraction. Some people will experience swelling of the face and we recommend having the treatment performed when you can have a couple of days of rest afterwards.

Payment Plans For Wisdom Teeth Removal

We offer payment plans so that you can have the treatment you need – today! As your gentle and caring Brisbane dentist, we are equipped with tools, techniques and training for Pain-Free Dentistry.

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