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A tooth implant will replace your missing tooth with not only a crown but also the root itself.


The metal of the implant bonds with your jaw bone and fuses to it like a natural tooth root would. The implant forms the foundation of the new tooth, helping create your new smile. Implants can range from a single unit to full arch replacements and provide comfort and function.


They don’t interfere with eating, speech ability or comfort.


In most cases the implant root is placed and then we wait a couple of month for healing before the implant crown is placed over the implant root. The implant crown will take two appointments to complete. The first is where the impression is taken and the second is where the implant crown is screwed into the implant root. Immediate implants are also available for specific situations and teeth and can be discussed with your dentist. Implants are the ideal treatment alternative to missing teeth.


What is the success rate of an Implant?

Once you have been deemed a suitable candidate for implants, the long term success rate is  80%.

Is there pain or discomfort?

Many patients report implant surgery to be much less troublesome than they expected. With modern anaesthesia and close attention to post operative care you can expect minimal discomfort.

How much does Implant treatment cost?

Implant treatment today offers you to have teeth that look, feel and function like your own. Dental Implants offer some of the finest restorative results possible in modern Dentistry costs will vary from case to case depending on what system is suitable. A single unit implant will start at $4,400 for the whole procedure, however individual quotes will be given by your dentist. Cost will depend on the amount of jaw bone available for the implant and on whether bone grafts will be required.

Will others know I have Implants?

Usually not. Today’s Implant treatment enables your new teeth to look, function and feel like your own. Different types of implant brands are available as well as the mini implant which can be a cost effective mini implant alternative that cane placed in one appointment.


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