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Cosmetic Dental Treatments

Cosmetic Dental Treatments 

How can you find out about all the cosmetic dental treatments available to improve your smile?The majority of us will visit the dentist once every six months and wait to hear if we need any dental work. The majority of dentists will endeavour to help keep costs low for patients by only recommending essential work. However, there are plenty of dental patients out there who require minor to major cosmetic dental treatment which is often overlooked because it is not essential and the dentist doesn’t want to be looked at trying to ‘sell’ you something. After all they are health practitioners – not sales agents. However what this situation produces is the unfortunate scenario where they can often improve your smile – but won’t tell you about it unless you ask. Many dentists even refrain from advertising due to the strict and stringent advertising standards they need to follow as health practitioners in Australia. This is not to say that no dental practice advertises but that the majority limit their advertising to be ‘safe’ and ‘acceptable’

This means that you are going to have to ask what the dentists can do for you cosmetically at your 6 monthly preventive care appointment. Best is : give them a budget you have in mind so they can tailor the cosmetic treatments available to your budget. Otherwise you may be overwhelmed at all the possible options thrown at you and your dentistbeould order to be guided so he or she doesn’t have to give you a one hour lecture on All the possibilities available to you. And trust is there are many!

Obviously not everyone has the finances nor the time and desire for a full blown Hollywood smile makeover but there are many cost affordable options out there that will improve your smile regardless of your budget.

So Ask us what can be done. your dentist will not see it as essential work and won’t tell you about it unless you inquire about cosmetics.

Remember we all want a beautiful smile because we know that “First Impressions Last!”…. A beautiful smile means you look younger and feel more confident about smiling- wether you’re on a family photograph or in a business meeting.

If you don’t want to wait until your 6minthly preventive care appointment and would

Like to find out what’s available for you straight away, give us a call to book a consultation.

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Dr Tina Tavakol

Dental On Park is headed by Dr. Tina Tavakol- BDSc. (Dentist) (Qld.) She is a member of the Australian Dental Association, is a Certified Invisalign Practitioner, Certified Inman Aligner Practitioner and Certified MDI Mini- Implant Practitioner. She is also a visiting dentist at St. Andrews Hospital in Spring Hill. Dr. Tvavakol prides herself for providing thorough comprehensive dentistry that pays attention to detail. Thoroughness - she insists - helps patients maintain their teeth for a lifetime at minimal cost.'


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