We love dentistry for kids at Dental On Park!

The health, growth and development of children’s teeth is of utmost importance. Problems that are not solved early can lead to a lifetime of dental issues. Not only that – if your child has a negative experience at the dentist, that too can lead to a long, difficult relationship with the dentist throughout their life.

Children generally require extra TLC at the dental surgery and at Dental on Park we take pride in providing just that!

Our dentists have much experience in the treatment of children – we offer a complete range of preventative services such as fissure sealants, hygiene appointments, fluoride treatment and mouthguards.

Additionally we are able to offer dental treatment under Happy Gas or General Anaesthetic.

If it is your child’s first time at the dentist, or if your child is fearful, we are happy for you to bring them by our office to meet the team before their scheduled appointment if you feel your child could benefit from this.

Before the appointment tell your child they will be getting their teeth checked or counted but make it as nonchalant as possible. Treat it like any other regular appointment that they need to get used to. Do not threaten them of going to the dentist, the drill, or the needle if your child is not brushing their teeth or having sweets, as this gives a negative connotation to the regular dental appointment. Before the appointment explain to them what will happen at the appointment but avoid getting into details with your child.

Consider coming early to the dental appointment, so that your child can play with the toys in our children’s corner, so that they get used to their surroundings before their appointment time.

At the first appointment we will check the teeth of your child. Depending on their level of comfort we will consider giving their teeth  a clean and a fluoride treatment. We will have a quick chat with them and reinforce their teeth cleaning habits .

We will do our best to your child into their dental appointment without drama, fear or trauma. we will individualise our care t suit their needs each and every time. If your child does need dental treatment we will discuss the options with you which will include a range of options starting with nothing and ending with treatment under general anaesthetic.


To book an appointment for your kids, call or email the team!