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Gum Disease Treatment

We all know healthy teeth and gums are important.

But why? Well amongst many reasons, one stand out factor is that if gum disease isn’t treated, it can impact your overall general health and well-being. The first stage of unhealthy gums is gingivitis:

  • Gingivitis is a condition where plaque forms on your teeth and around the gum line.
  • As a result, bacteria develop and your gums become inflamed. This condition is reversible but can also lead to more serious irreversible Gum disease called periodontitis – if not treated quickly.

Gum disease is very prevalent with 30-50% of the population suffering from gum disease at some point in their lives.

If not treated, gum disease can result in loss of teeth and supporting bone.

Gum disease is diagnosed by the examination of your gums as well as radiographs which can show bone loss caused due to gum disease. Essentially once gum disease develops, it never disappears but becomes a latent condition that will continually need to be monitored throughout your life for flare ups. Impeccable oral hygiene and care is absolutely necessary once contracted to avoid the early loss of teeth as well as systemic complications.

  • Gum disease has been linked with coronary heart disease.
  • Diabetics very commonly also suffer from gum disease and
  • People who grind their teeth are at a higher risk of developing gum disease.

If we determine that your gums have either reversible gingivitis or non reversible periodontitits (gum disease), we will:

  1. organise the cleaning of your teeth together with
  2. oral hygiene instructions to provide you with a personalised cleaning plan (we will find the right cleaning tools for your mouth) and
  3. re-evaluate your gums in the near future to confirm the improvement of its health.

If non reversible gum disease has been diagnosed then we may need to book you several appointments in which we assess and clean your gums and provide you with your personalised cleaning plan. More often than not these appointments these appointments are completed without local anaesthesia, however we do strongly recommend the use of Happy Gas to sedate you throughout these appointment(s).

Re-evaluation of your gums happens in a 6 week interval after your cleaning appointment, before determining how often you will need regular cleaning for optimal gum health to help you keep as many of your teeth – for life.

The Dental on Park team can help you treat both gingivitis and its more serious progressed irreversible form – periodontitis. At each regular thorough dental examination we will check your gums to make sure you have healthy gums. For further information watch the video by our  dentist Dr .Tavakol, for further explanation on  gum disease and its treatment.

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