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Happy Gas Dentist

At Dental On Park, we are proud to be able to provide happy gas as an option to temporarily sedate and relax you.

Happy Gas causes the illusion that:

  • injections are stress free &
  • appointments are short in length

Throughout treatment patients will feel calm and relaxed and will often lose the anxiety they feel towards their dental appointment.  This makes it easier not only for the appointment at hand, but also to eliminates the anxiety you may feel towards future dental appointments,  knowing that the appointment will be stress free with the use of Happy Gas.

Happy gas enters and leaves your body in the same form. This means the sedative effect has wears off shortly after treatment. (Approximateley 30-60 mins). This allows you to get back to work and get on with your day soon after treatment.

The equipment we use as your happy gas dentist to deliver the gas is quite simple. It consists of a supply of compressed gases and an apparatus which delivers the gases to the client. By turning some knobs and flipping on/off switches, your happy gas dentist at dental on park can produce the desired mix of N2O-O2 in the desired quantities. Flowmeters and pressure gauges allow us to keep an eye on the flow of gases.

The desired N2O-O2 mix is fed through a tube to which a nasal hood or cannula is attached. This hood is put over your nose. All you have to do now is breathe normally through your nose – bingo!

When booking appointments with Happy Gas please advise our receptionist when booking the appointment so that the gas can be ready, organised and waiting for you at your dental appointment.

Post Operative Care For Treatment under Happy Gas:

  • You can not drive for at least 30 minutes after your happy gas appointment nor should you sign any legal documents.
  • We recommend you either spend that 30-60 minutes in our reception watching Tv or have a friend or family with you if you want to leave immediately afterwards. This is just a precaution to ensure you don’t do anything crazy until the effects of the happy gas have completely worn off.
  • Happy Gas can effect individuals differently and the 30-60 minute time frame is just an average – for many people the effects wear off before that, but for some the effects can last longer.

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