A mouth guard is used to protect your teeth during contact sports or sports where there is a risk of falling.

The kids mouthguards acts as  shock absorbed and a properly fitted kids mouthguards can help prevent chipped or broken teeth, certain kinds of concussions or headaches that result from your lower jaw slamming up against your upper jaw. Kids Mouthguards last between a season and 2-3 years depending on the age of the player. Children up to the age of 15 usually require new mouthguards every year. Older children and adults may not grow, but the kids mouthguards will wear down and should be checked every year and depending on usage may need to be changed.

Mouthguards are  highly recommended for the following high risk impact sports:

  • football
  • bike riding
  • baseball
  • cricket
  • waterpolo
  • skateboarding
  • rollerblading
  • and any other contact sport or sport where there is a high risk of falling.

Proper custom-made kids mouthguards allows your child to:

  • Breathe freely and communicate effectively
  • Be comfortable, enabling them to concentrate and play confidently
  • Claim on your dental health fund
  • Choose from the many available colours. All are safe, containing no cadmium or heavy metals
  • Protect their braces

The Dental Health Foundation and the Australian Dental Association strongly recommend  custom made mouth guards. Mouthguards are constructed over 2 appointments. At the first appointment dental impressions are taken of the teeth and gums. From these moulds of the teeth a professional, individually designed kids mouthguard will be manufactured to give the best chance for teeth and bones surviving a an accident or a hit by a wayward ball or stick. At the second appointment the mouthguard is fitted for comfort and fit.

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Kid’s Mouthguard

A boil and bite mouthguard is not recommended, it is false economy buying a cheap over the counter product. It is difficult to fit with a risk of burning your mouth, they can make you gag and it is uncomfortable to wear by not staying in place making it almost impossible to talk and breathe. Players have been known to choke during sport after swallowing this type of product and as they do not fit well the teeth that they touch are more prevalent to be knocked out on impact.

Generally speaking many health funds either fully or partially cover a mouthguard yearly or every 2 years.

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