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Mini Implant

A dental mini implant is an artificial tooth used to replace a missing tooth in the jaw bone.

This treatment is completed in one appointment.

The actual mini implant procedure itself is a extremely patient-friendly key-hole surgery performed under an ordinary local anesthetic. A tooth extraction is usually a  more unpleasant procedure for patients.

From a medical perspective, in a one-piece implant there are no micro-gaps and cavities as with multi-part or two-piece implant systems, in which germs can become trapped and cause problems. Implants are made of titanium, a material that does not elicit a negative immunological response (rejection of the implant). On the day of surgery a patient will feel (bone) pressure in the surgery area, which is remedied with a cold pack and light painkillers.

Mini Dental Implants


The minimally invasive treatment concept is largely pain-free – no incisions, no flaps, no suture wound.

A temporary crown is usually fitted and within a few days the ceramic crown can be fitted
The innovative method saves money, it ‘s only about half the cost of a traditional

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