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As dentists, we often see the results of heavy collisions during sports, which lead to chipped or broken teeth in people playing sports without a mouthguard.


Internal damage to the teeth, loss of teeth, soft tissue injury, concussion or a broken jaw are not uncommon in this instance. These injuries can require expensive treatments to restore the teeth to normal function and appearance.


Mouthguards work as shock absorbs to cushion the blow, minimizing the risk of these injuries.


We will custom make a mouthguard to best protect your mouth. As recommended by the Australian Dental Association, our mouthguards are constructed using a laminating technique under high temperature and pressure. This ensures the best adaptation possible to your mouth, for the most comfortable fit and protection. Mouthguards are made over 2 short appointments that are commonly covered by health funds.


Caring for My Mouthguard:


When you receive your mouthguard from Dental On Park, you will also be provided with a protective carry case. Following use of the mouthguard, rinse under cool, soapy water and store your protective case in a secure, cool place. If left in the car, mouthguards can distort under high temperatures.

Mouths and teeth may change over time, leading to a reduction in the fit of your mouthguard. We recommend you bring your mouthguard to your preventive care appointment every six months for review for fit and absorbency. Research has found that the absorbency of mouthguards decreases over time, so it is recommended that a new mouthguard is constructed every two years to keep up the protection you need.

If your mouth or teeth change due to growth, adult teeth erupting, or placement of restorations, then you may need a new mouthguard fitted sooner.

Don’t risk your smile with “over-the-counter” or “boil and bite” mouthguards, they often give a false sense of security. Due to their poor adaptation, these mouthguards often become loose, or dislodge at a time when you most need their protection. They also make it more difficult to talk and breathe.

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