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One Hour Veneers and Bonding

Our One Hour Veneer Smile Makeovers are affordable, convenient and minimally invasive.

One Hour smile makeovers are done using dental resin and can be placed either free hand or by the ‘u-veneer’ treatment system. Otherwise known as ‘bonding’, the system chosen will depend upon your smile, your teeth and how many teeth you are planning to veneer or bond. Placement is usually completed in just one treatment session.  Quite often, with composite bonding, no impressions or laboratory work is required.

Smile Makeover | Strong, Beautiful, Clinically Proven.

Resin bonding or resin veneers have bee tried and tested for many years. they are strong, reliable and quick. They will need some maintenance over the years however and if you are a grinder or a clenched it will be necessary to wear a splint to protect your veneers against wear and to make them last. The margins may need to be polished over time but this will depend on how well you look after them and what foods you have to eat. They may need to be replaced over time, but will last a number of years. They are a great treatment alternative to porcelain veneers, – which although more perfect in the way that they mimic teeth colour – are cost effective and a great way to see quick results with minimal results. They are completely reversible and most times you won’t need any anaesthetic to have them placed.

  1. Conultation on your colour preference and  tooth shape smile design
  2. Veneers are bonded into place and impression is taken for the construction of your splint
  3. Splint is inserted and fitted to you smile


At a third of the cost of porcelain veneers they are a great alternative for a smile makeover – at minimal cost.

Bonding can be used to alter the shape and shade of your natural teeth, to close a space or gap between the teeth or to hide a crooked or rotated tooth. They can be placed on single teeth or for smile makeover they can be placed on the front 8-10 teeth. Veneers can be placed on either top or bottom teeth. It will take a couple of weeks to get used to your new smile and for your tongue to stop noticing the veneers – but once that happens you will forget the veneers are there!

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