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Pain Free Dentistry

The Wand is a revolutionary local anesthetic injection system producing pain free dentistry.


The WAND is computer controlled, reducing the pain felt when having the needle. It helps conquer fear, pain and anxiety. A microprocessor controls the flow rate and volume ratio to make sure safe, almost painless anaesthesia is achieved. This is the reason why The WAND helps people conquer pain and anxiety of injections.

The way it works is that the microprocessor inside The WAND automatically ensures a steady flow rate regardless of tissue density. Constant, slow flow is one key to almost pain-free injections. The computer provides the flow of anesthetic directly ahead of the needle creating a pathway of anesthesia – so you hardly feel the needle at all!

Dental On Park | Wand Anesthetic system - Dentist Brisbane
Pain free dentistry using the wand anaesthetic system

The wand doesn’t look like a needle and it’s got a ultra fine tip too – smaller than the traditional system and is held like a pen. Using the wand anaesthetic is very enjoyable for your dentist too, because it’s so light and easy to handle. To start the computer, the dentist uses a foot-pedal connected to the computer tower – the computer does the rest! That way, we can focus all our attention on holding the handpiece in the right position and achieving complete numbness. The cartridge holder, tube and wand handpiece are all single-use disposables.


The source of discomfort for most injections isn’t the needle, it’s the flow rate of the anaesthetic into your tissue. The WAND delivers the anaesthetic at an optimal flow rate for a comfortable injection.

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