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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment is the treatment of a tooth involving the pulp or nerve space.

Prolonged pain as well as sensitivity to hot and cold are usually one of the early symptoms of pulp damage. The pulp is ‘alive’ at this stage but if the damage is severe, the pulp tissue is unable to heal itself and continues to hurt and worsens until it degenerates and ‘dies’. Both heat and cold expand and contract the pulp tissue, causing pain. At this stage heat causes pain which may take minutes to subside and this may be relieved by the placement of cold on the tooth.In an undamaged pulp the tissue has mechanisms to control this expansion/contraction so pain isn’t experienced. The cause of pain when a tooth ‘dies’ is the pressure, of the ‘dead’ contents of the inside of the tooth (consisting of dead pulp tissue, debris, and bacteria) on the surrounding bone and gums (periodontal ligament) so the tooth often feels painful to touch yet may not be sensitive to changes in temperature. Symptoms most commonly associated with a ‘dead’ nerve are a tooth that hurts to bite on, becomes sore to touch or push on, and in acute stages, facial swelling can occur.

Tooth pain that may result in the need for Root Canal treatment

Sensitivity to cold and hot which lasts for some time after the hot or cold has been removed, is a sign that the pulp may have irreversible damage.  However, sensitivity to hot and cold may also be caused by dental decay, gum recession, gum disease or a cracked tooth. Pain from chewing or pressure may also indicate a cracked tooth, gum disease or an tooth abscess requiring a root canal.

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Front tooth
Typically Involves one nerve canal
Pre-molar tooth
Typically involves 1-2 canals
$1300 - $1500
Molar tooth
Typically involves 3-4 nerve canals
$1600 -$1800

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