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Routine Dental Exam & Check Up

All our dental practitioners take both pride and pleasure in providing you with comprehensive thorough dentistry that will help you keep costs down while maintaining your smile for life. Our full thorough dental exam involves;

  • Comprehensive Analysis Of The Jaw Joint including but not limited to: muscle palpation for muscular tension,  regular headache evaluation, screening for jaw clicks and locks.
  • Oral Cancer Screening
  • Gum Health Examination And Corresponding Oral Hygiene Instructions
  • Teeth Examination
  • Screening For Snoring, Sleep Apnoea and possible treatments for both of these conditions
  • Salivary Flow Evaluation (  low salivary flow can lead to an increased risk of developing cavities and can also increase the incidence and severity of bad breath ).
  • Tooth Colour And Shape Evaluation: This is an opportunity for you to discuss any aesthetic concerns you may have.
  • Tooth Strength and Stability Evaluation: we review hairline cracks, chips and old fillings for possible problems.
  • Radiographs including both intra orals well as extra oral radiography.
  • Orthodontic Bite Evaluation

Our dental exams give us the opportunity to not only evaluate both the short term and long term condition of your teeth, but also help us help you maintain your oral and overall health. Please allow 50-70minutes for your initial full thorough examination together with radiographs. If you have had radiographs taken recently please contact reception before the appointment so we can organise the transfer of your radiographs from your previous dentist ahead of you examination appointment. You will need to fill out a form for this transfer to occur and these forms can be emailed to you ahead of the appointment time. We utilise radiographs, lasers and an intra oral camera together with its photos to help us diagnose and record your dental and oral health.

Great oral hygiene starts at a young age and is the key to long term dental health. We will review your at home routine and give you the tips and tools required to avoid any oral health concerns in the future.

Dental Xrays are recommended, ( depending on the individual), approximately every 2 years. The total cost of the 2-3 required Xrays will add $80-$200 to the fee before your health fund rebate. Many funds cover these fees generously.

Routine Dental Exam
*For a detailed assessment dental xrays may be required.

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