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Teeth Whitening

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Quality Teeth Whitening Service

Through your lifestyle (smoking, coffee or wine, for example) or the natural aging process, your teeth can stain. during and after the teeth whitening process, you will need to stick to a ‘white’ looking diet for 48 hours after the procedure. I not uncommon to experience short term sensitivity due to short term dehydration of the teeth. This can be relieved with Panadol and Tooth Mousse if required. Tooth Mousse will be provided for you with your after care maintenance kit. If you suffer from sensitive teeth we recommend the use of tooth mousse for 2 weeks prior to the procedure which we can provide you when you book your consultation appointment.

How long does Teeth Whitening last?

As it’s difficult to account for the varying consumption of tea, coffee, red wine, tobacco, etc., one consumes, the results will need ongoing maintainance which is why we provide you with your own maintenance kit. But generally speaking it’s been recommended to repeat every 2 years.

Those who choose to keep up a really bright dentition can do so by brightening once a year and purchasing maintenance teeth whitening gel at their regular 6 monthly preventive care appointments.

Top Up Gel
If you already have take home whitening trays and just need the top up gel. Cost dependant on size of tube.
Take-Home Whitening Kits
Cost of Initial custom made trays and whitening gel. Further Gel can be purchased at $30-$70/tube depending on size of tube.
In-Office Whitening

Payment Plans Accepted

Call us to discuss your needs and to set up your payment plan. Terms and conditions apply.

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