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Tooth Extraction

Despite best intentions, sometimes a tooth just needs to come out. If this is the case then the process includes and initial assessment where we will take an xray of your tooth, so that we can diagnose and extract the culprit tooth. At the extraction appointment we will anaesthetise you so that you won’t feel a thing. We are able to extract your teeth under Local Anaesthetic, relative analgesia with Happy Gas, or under General Anaesthetic – whichever option best suits you. A more detailed quote will be given to you based on whichever option you chose.

Post Treatment Care

You will be placed on pain killers to take as necessary but expect some pain for 3 weeks. This pain is mostly well controlled with pain killers. Sometimes we will prescribe you with antibiotics as well depending on the level if difficulty of the extraction. Some people will experience swelling of the face and we recommend having the treatment performed when you can have a couple of days of rest afterwards.

As with everything oral health starts at home at a young age. Watch the video above for more information.

Sometimes we won’t be able to extract the tooth on the same day as your appointment, depending on your level of pain, sedation option chosen and type of extraction required. However we will always get you out of pain, and then rebook for a mutually suitable time to get the tooth out before the pain comes back.

Routine Extraction
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Surgical Extraction
Comon if tooth is badley broken down. Tooth will need to be extracted in pieces and bone removal with sutures may be neccessary.

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