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Take Home Teeth Whitening

Being able to whiten your teeth in the comfort of your home can be the perfect solution.

We offer you a take home teeth whitening package that allows just that.

  1. We will create neatly fitted trays for the teeth whitening gel to be placed in.This is done over 2 short appointments.
  2. You will be provided with the correct amount of gel along with instructions to witness the amazing change to your teeth.
  3. The whitening trays can be worn for either 1 hour during the day or by using a lighter dosage, overnight. The gel that you will receive will depend on your preference as well as the dentists opinion about what is needed to get your smile to look its whitest!
  4. Generally the treatment will take about 6 weeks to complete but changes can be visible after just a few days.

Take home teeth whitening can produce great results!

Throughout the whitening process you may experience some tooth sensitivity but this is completely reversible once treatment is complete. In the mean time you can use products such as tooth mousse to help combat the sensitivity by placing the tooth mousse in your teeth whitening trays to wear. Tooth sensitivity occurs because teeth dehydrate throughout the teeth whitening process and this is what causes the sensitivity. The teeth will rehydrate themselves again from your saliva which the reason why you should try to stick to a whitish looking diet as much as possible throughout the teeth whitening process. Steer clear of foods such as beetroot and black tea and coffee as much as possible.

Once treatment is complete you should maintain you brighter smile with maintenance whitening which means using the whitening gel once every 2 months or so to keep your teeth pearly white. If you run out of teeth whitening gel you can purchase top up teeth whitening gel at your regular 6 monthly preventive care appointment.

Should you be a new patient who already has teeth whitening trays, you can bring them to the appointment with you so that we can your teeth whitening trays  them before we give you top up teeth whitening gel.

Call 33698300 or book an appointment online.

Alternativeley you can buy a take home teeth whitening voucher online here, or if you’d like a more immediate result you can purchase a in office ZOOM! teeth whitening voucher here.

Dentist Brisbane: Teeth Whitening Take Home Package Voucher



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