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Is The Inman Aligner The Orthodontic Solution For You?

Is The Inman Aligner The Orthodontic Solution For You?Are you looking for orthodontic treatments that can help you fix the position and spacing of your teeth? Then you might already be aware of some of the numerous dental treatments out there.

So many of them, right? However and unfortunately, most orthodontic solutions available today are either expensive or uncomfortable, or maybe even both! Plus, they can take sooo long before you see the results!

Well, we have great news for you.

There is a breakthrough orthodontic solution that can give you a quick fix that lasts – the Inman Aligner!

What is the Inman Aligner?

In a nutshell, the Inman Aligner is a simple removable dental appliance that can quickly and safely put your front teeth into proper alignment. It straightens your teeth without hassle or discomfort. Plus, it can be used in combination of other cosmetic dental procedures.

All in all, the Inman Aligner presents a number of advantages, including quick and effectiveness of treatment, cost-efficiency, comfort, and convenience.

How does it work?

The aligner is composed of nickel titanium coil springs that push two aligner bows that oppose each other using minimal force. The inner bow pushes forwards while the outer one pulls back on the front teeth. This gentle force guides your teeth into their new position.

The aligner can deliver quick results because the forces are continuously active over a large range of movements.

Most cases are completed within 6 to 16 weeks only! Much faster than traditional orthodontic techniques.

Can it deliver the expected results?

The Inman Aligner works best for adults and teens who need mild orthodontic work. Specifically, it is usually recommended for adults whose childhood orthodontic work has relapsed and they now need some correction. However -during the dental consultation, if your dentist determines that you need extensive orthodontic work – a longer-term treatment will be suggested.

For suitable cases, impressive results have been seen. Most patients can see their straighter teeth in just 6 to 16 weeks. Compared to traditional orthodontic treatments that take years to deliver desirable outcomes, the Inman Aligner is extremely fast.

How does it look?

One of the most common reservations that people consider when thinking about orthodontic treatments is appearance. A lot of people feel that wearing braces or other dental appliances can be a bit embarrassing. With the Inman Aligner, you don’t have to worry about this because it is removable. The aligner is an extremely versatile orthodontic solution. You can take it off for social engagements or during those important family photographs.

Is Inman Aligner the right solution for you?

In assessing whether the Inman Aligner is indeed the fitting orthodontic solution for you, it’s best to consult your trusted dentist, or better yet, us here at Dental On Park. During your free dental consultation with our gentle dentist in Brisbane, we can evaluate your teeth to determine if the Inman Aligner treatment is best suited for you. Once your suitability has been confirmed, you can experience the advantages of undergoing this highly innovative orthodontic treatment.

Do I have to wear a retainer after treatment?

All orthodontic solutions require the use of retainers after treatment so as to eliminate the probability of relapse. The same goes for the Inman Aligner.

Inman Aligner in Brisbane: Less Hassle, Quicker Results

Straightening your teeth has never been this convenient and effective at the same time! For a modern approach towards achieving straighter teeth, try the Inman Aligner from your reliable Brisbane dentist here at Dental On Park. We aim to provide you and your family with access to award-winning, world-class dentistry. Call us today on (07) 3369 8300 or simply book your appointment online to claim your FREE dental consultation.

Dr Tina Tavakol

Dental On Park is headed by Dr. Tina Tavakol- BDSc. (Dentist) (Qld.) She is a member of the Australian Dental Association, is a Certified Invisalign Practitioner, Certified Inman Aligner Practitioner and Certified MDI Mini- Implant Practitioner. She is also a visiting dentist at St. Andrews Hospital in Spring Hill. Dr. Tvavakol prides herself for providing thorough comprehensive dentistry that pays attention to detail. Thoroughness - she insists - helps patients maintain their teeth for a lifetime at minimal cost.'


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