Curasept Mouthwash – Treat Gingivitis

For people with sore gums and gingivitis  – Curasept 2 weekly non alcohol containing mouthwash



For people with sore gums and gingivitis – curasept mouthwash is a great solution.

For intensive two weeks non stop use to stop gingivitis. Rinse 10ml twice per day for one minute. If still needed after two weeks, take one week’s break and then use again for the two-week non stop use. It’s good to brush with a SLS free toothpaste while using curasept mouthwash, or alternatively wait 30 mins after brushing before rinsing. One SLS free toothpaste readily available for use with curasept mouthwash is called pronamel.

Active ingredient is chlorhexidine gluconate. Do not drink black coffee, tea or red wine for 30 minutes after use. Does not stain, convenient 200 ml bottle and always follow your dental professional’s instructions.