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Why You Should Get Root Canal Therapy Over Tooth Extraction

Why You Should Get Root Canal Therapy Over Tooth ExtractionIn the past, root canal therapy earned a bad reputation. So, instead of saving what remains of their teeth, people opted to have every painful tooth extracted.

This is no longer necessary.

See, the thing is, in the past, anesthesia was not as effective as it is now and dentistry, as a whole, was not technologically advanced. Modern dentistry has seen much advancement in practice, tools and technology.

At Dental On Park, we go out of our way to save what can be saved of your natural teeth, rather than just extracting them. This is done by having a root canal. The reason for this is that it is the most successful and cost effective way of keeping your tooth. Implants otherwise known as screw-in teeth are more expensive and less successful… and dentures? well, it’s very common for dentures to be uncomfortable and the teeth on them are not sharp like your real teeth so inevitably it’s always going to be more difficult to eat.

With the safest and most effective anaesthesia and instruments, our patients report that Root Canal Treatment at Dental On Park doesn’t feel different from undergoing simple filling procedures.

The Anatomy Of The Tooth Root

Consisting of blood vessels, nerves and tissues, the dental pulp is essentially the living part of the tooth. Located in the center of the tooth, the pulp is crucial. When dental injury or a tooth cavity penetrates the tooth deep enough, the dental pulp is exposed to mouth-dwelling bacteria and food particles. This exposure usually results in inflammation, which is what causes a constant toothache, abscess in the gums and even widespread infection to the body.

What Happens During Root Canal Treatment ?

To numb the pain and infection, your Dentist In Brisbane will first administer a local anesthetic to the infected area. After the tooth has been numbed, the infected dental pulp will then be removed from the pulp chamber.

The now empty space in the tooth will be gently yet thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. – after which the inside of the tooth will be filled with a special gutta-percha filling material before the tooth is fitted with a porcelain crown for extra protection.

Root Canal Therapy

If you are suffering from severe toothache, get in touch with us as your local Dentist In Brisbane immediately. Winner of the People’s Choice Awards in 2013, Dental On Park houses a team of expert Brisbane dentists who provide gentle and comprehensive dental care.

Our dental clinic at Park Road, Milton is open and ready to accept patients from Brisbane, Milton and all other surrounding areas like Bardon Indooropilly, Kenmore, Auchenflower Toowong, St. Lucia, Southbank, West End, and Brisbane CBD. Book your first appointment with Dental On Park. If you would like more information on Root Canals click here. Alternatively Call us on (07) 3369 8300 or book your appointment online and claim your FREE dental consultation today!



Dr Tina Tavakol

Dental On Park is headed by Dr. Tina Tavakol- BDSc. (Dentist) (Qld.) She is a member of the Australian Dental Association, is a Certified Invisalign Practitioner, Certified Inman Aligner Practitioner and Certified MDI Mini- Implant Practitioner. She is also a visiting dentist at St. Andrews Hospital in Spring Hill. Dr. Tvavakol prides herself for providing thorough comprehensive dentistry that pays attention to detail. Thoroughness - she insists - helps patients maintain their teeth for a lifetime at minimal cost.'


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