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Oral Hygiene – Maintain Your Oral Health

It’s essential to maintain good oral hygiene at all times both at home and with regular visits to the dentist for a professional clean. If gums and teeth are not properly maintained, gum disease such as gingivitis can occur Gum disease has been linked with heart disease, stroke, preterm and low birth weight babies.

Gingivitis is a condition where plaque forms on your teeth and gum line. As a result, bacteria develop and your gums become inflamed. This condition is painful and can also lead to more serious problems if it is not treated quickly. With regular dental care, the Dental On Park team  can help you maintain your oral hygiene and prevent the onset of gum diseases. At each regular thorough examination visit we will check your oral hygiene to ensure optimal health.

The video explains both gingivitis, as well as the more progressive disease – periodontitis – and how we check for this condition at each examination appointment, as well as what possible problems can occur.


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