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Protective Guards

Protective guards are guards that you wear over your teeth while sleeping.

They are used to protect your teeth and jaw joint from:

  • clenching and grinding,
  • sports related injuries
  • to help treat Sleep Apnoea (as an alternative to the CPAP machine)

The different types of protective guards used to treat the above conditions are called:

Protective guards may initially seem a little uncomfortable or annoying, but unfortunately they are just a part of life – that is if you grind or clench your teeth, play sports or snore or have sleep apnoea and would like to get treatment without the annoying CPAP machine. The good news is that you DO get used to wearing them and after a 2 month period you become completely comfortable having them in your mouth – to the point that you won’t find them annoying.

2 appointment are necessary to have protective guards made. At the first appointment the protective guards are made by taking an impression of your teeth and surrounding tissues. This is then sent away to make the protective guard fit your teeth. Usually there is a 2 week wait for the protective guard to be made at which time you will come back for your second appointment to have it fitted.

Generally speaking Splints, snore guards and Sleep Apnoea guards last many years whereas mouth guards need to be fitted more frequently depending on their frequency of use.

The sports mouth guards we make are more comfortable than what you can buy at the chemist and they are also much ticker and thus more protective of your teeth and tissues. In actual fact – not only do sports mouth guards protect your teeth, they also protect your jaw bone and tissues and even decrease the incidence of concussion!

Splints which are used to protect your teeth from grinding and clenching will help decrease muscular tension in the head and neck muscles as well as protect your teeth from hair line fractures that increase the need for more costly crowns as well as help preserve your teeth length which stops you from getting an ‘aged’ smile. Once tooth height has been reduced it’s much more expensive to have a cosmetic smile makeover to restore their height then it is to simply have a splint made before this happens.

Many health funds do cover patients for a new sports mouthguard yearly with some health funds even providing them with ‘no gap’ . For more information on which health funds provide this service or to simply book an appointment to have protective guards made call us on 33698300.



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